Superstition in all ages; a dying confession PDF book by Baron d'Holbach and Jean Meslier

Superstition In All Ages (1910)  PDF book by Baron d'Holbach and Jean Meslier 

Superstition In All Ages

A Roman Catholic Priest, who at his death left as his “Last Will and Testament” this now-famous manuscript as contained herein, entitled


Pride and vanity always were and always will be the inherent vices of the priesthood. Is there anything that has a tendency to render men haughty and vain more than the assumption of exercising Heavenly power, of possessing a sacred character, of being the messengers of the Highest? Are not these dispositions continually increased by the credulity of the people, by the deference and the respect of the sovereigns, by the immunities, the privileges, and the distinctions which the clergy enjoy? The common man is, in every country, more devoted to his spiritual guides, whom he considers as Divine men than to his temporal superiors, whom he considers as ordinary men. Village priests enjoy more honor than the lord or the judge. A Christian priest believes himself far above a king or an emperor. A Spanish grandee having spoken hastily to a monk, the latter said to him, arrogantly, “Learn to respect a man who has every day your God in his hands and your queen at his feet."

Superstition in All Ages: A Dying Confession (1910)
- Including an Abstract of the Testament of John Meslier, by Voltaire.

Originally published anonymously and attributed to MESLIER, Jean (1664-1729). Parts by Voltaire (1694-1778). Translated from the French Original by Miss Anna KNOOP. Arranged for publication in its present form and manner with new Title page and Preface by Dr. L. W. de LAURENCE

Atheistic, anti-Deist, anti-Theology tract; the 1910 edition published by de Laurence being expressed as part of a series of works which "...inform you most fully regarding the origin of Christianity and contain valuable extracts and notes from such eminent Christian historians as Dean Milman, Westcott, Davidson, and Dr. Philip Schaff. These works also prove according to history, that many books in the Bible are anonymous and forgery, and, that 'the so-called doctrines of Christianity are the height of absurdity.'." Timing of the edition's publication noteworthy, so far as it coincided within a few years with the publication of the Scofield Reference Bible. Cui bono?

Author: Baron d'Holbach and Jean Meslier 
Publication Date:1910

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