Student's manual of the Thai language PDF book 1915

Student's manual of the Siamese Thai language PDF book ( 1915)

Student's manual of the Thai language PDF book 1915

The Scheme of the Student's Manual is as follows: The book has been divided into three parts. In the first part, the Student learns to read the Siamese printed characters and gets a thorough grounding in his tones. The characters and their various combinations are taken gradually, and the Student learns actual words in common use as examples of each.

These words are formed up into easy little sentences, which of course are in the first place, reading exercise*, but as the Student has learned (or is supposed to have done so) the meaning of each separate word, he should find no difficulty whatever, in making out the drift of the sentence by the use of a little common sense. In order to meet the requirements of everybody, a separate Key to the exercises contained in the first part has been included. It will thus be seen that the above is a far superior method to that used in the former work, in which the leaner had to plod his weary way through pages of what to him were mere meaningless syllables.

The second part deals with the elements of Siamese grammar and contains 74 exercises as against 18 in the corresponding part of the older book. Thus it will be noticed that not only has a greater number of examples been given for the delectation of the Student but that much more attention has been paid to the graduation of the subject matter. The third part deals mainly with Siamese orthography and is intended for more advanced students. Every exercise in the present book has been specially compiled for the purpose, and with the exception of the first few reading exercises, Nos. 209, E. 1 and EL 2 are the only exercises that have been taken from the Elementary Hand-book.

When the student starts to learn the language, he should secure the services of a competent teacher who should strictly follow the course as laid down. While the student is working in the first part of the book, he will need no other books, but plenty of dictation should be given by the teacher so that the Student may become accustomed to the writing of the sounds that he hears.

Author: B. O. Cartwright
 Publication Date: 1915

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