PDF Dictionary of foreign phrases and classical quotations Free book (1883) by Robert D. Blackman

PDF Dictionary  of foreign phrases

The contents of the work are grouped under the heads of the various languages from which they are drawn, and in every case, the words and sentences are accompanied by their English equivalents. There are comprised :

Latin — Words, phrases, mottoes, proverbs, maxims, quotations, pithy expressions, sententious sayings embodying a moral or practical lesson. The great writers have been freely drawn upon.

Greek — Words, phrases, proverbial, and other striking sentences from the poets and prose authors.

French — Words, phrases, idioms, proverbs, moral maxims or observations, and a special collection of original idiomatic sentences, with pertinent examples in English to exhibit their usage.

Italian — Words, phrases, proverbs, quotations of practical import; with a very full collection of musical terms.

Spanish — Words, phrases, and especially proverbs and moral reflections.

Portuguese — Chiefly proverbs, or moral sayings.

German — Words, phrases, practical maxims, and sentences containing important and elevating thoughts

In the case of the quotations, no pains have been spared to ensure their correct transcription and translation, and the meanings of the Foreign Phrases and expressions have in many instances been brought out by original examples composed expressly for that purpose. where the meaning of the Foreign Idiom can be better so conveyed, ordinary colloquialisms have been employed.

The student of " Comparative Proverbialisms," if we may coin such an expression, will find much material ready to his hand by noting the way in which the same idea has been expressed by different nations in their several languages. In each department competent assistance has been secured, and the whole work has passed through the hands of an editor well acquainted with the needs of the public in such matters. The unique character of the work will, we feel sure, secure for it a ready acceptance at the hands of all readers of current literature. To these, it is now offered with the certainty that it will be frequently appealed to and that it cannot fail to materially enhance both their pleasure and their profit.

Author: Robert D.  Blackman 
Publication Date:1883

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