Hot money Free PDF Novel by Dick Francis

Hot money Free PDF Novel by DicK Francis

Hot money Free PDF

Malcolm Pembroke has the gold--and five ex-wives and nine children. When his least likable ex-wife meets a violent death, Malcolm begins to worry about his own neck. Malcolm calls on his son Ian to protect him from his nearest--if not always dearest--relatives, and Ian comes up with the critical clue in the dark Pembroke past of greed, hate, lust and revenge
"Robustly comic -An eventful ending fraught
with danger and drama."

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Dick Francis is a skilled hand There are plenty of insightful, ring-of-truth comments about families and lots of comedy. . . . But this is a whodunit, and it's a good one."

The Houston Post

"Just maybe the author's most ambitious thriller to date, and it's another sure winner. "
Richmond Times-Dispatch

Author: Dick Francis
Publication Date: 1989

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