Field Manual Physical Training PDF with Illustrations (1943) (strength exercises )

Field Manual Physical Training PDF with Illustrations

Field Manual Physical Training PDF

This book is intended for woman soldiers, but it is very useful for man .it contains strength exercises with illustrations

YOU are a member of the first Women’s Army in the history of the United States. You are one of the small percentages of women qualified in mind and body to perform a soldier’s noncombat duties. These duties are many. The demands of war are varied, endless, and merciless. To satisfy these demands, you must be fit. You have successfully passed a rigid physical examination.

You are organically sound. Now you must build the strength and stamina, the control and coordination, to do a man’s work any hour of the day, every day of the month. To condition your body so that it may meet every demand made of it, a course of planned exercises has been developed. It has been planned by women, for women. It recognizes your capacities. It is based upon a knowledge of the tasks you may be called upon to perform.

These exercises are simple and progressive. By slow, methodical stages, they carry you to a new and better state of physical condition, visibly expressed in a correct, attractive carriage and an abundance of energy. They assist in supplying the mental, emotional, and physical stability you need to become an effective member of an effective organization. The eyes of the Army — and of the Nation — are on you. It is of prime importance that you look well, feel well, and work well throughout your military service.


Field Manual Physical Training, 1943-07-15 TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION IV POSTURE 16 BODY CONDITIONING PROGRAM Cadence Exercises 28 Shoulder and Arm Strength Exercises 38 Abdominal Strength Exercises 45 Back and Neck Strength Exercises 50 Leg Strength Exercises 56 Foot Exercises 62 Body Mechanics Activities 68 Agility, Balance, and Coordination Activities 75 MARCHING EXERCISES 84 SELF-TESTING ACTIVITIES 86 DAILY EXERCISE SERIES 88 RELEASE OF MUSCLE TENSION 90 UNARMED SELF-DEFENSE 92 SWIMMING PROGRAM 94 RECREATION 102 PLANNING THE PROGRAM 115 THE INSTRUCTOR 125

Author: United States. War Department
Publication Date: 1943

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