Egypt under the British PDF book (1896) by H. F. Wood

Egypt under the British PDF book 1896 by  H. F. Wood

This book illustrates the history of Egypt under the British Occupations from 1882 TO 1966

Egypt under the British PDF book
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Contents of the book

At the threshold — The struggle of the languages— British business interests — Port Said no longer the wickedest spot on earth " — French suspicion of a British structure — An "Evacuation speech " in England — The Port Said French and English clubs

Port Said versus Alexandria — Wanted, a railway — Local grievances — The Suez Canal Company — No English (except pilots) need to apply — A missionary on the Field for trade — British trade-marks forged — A Birmingham commercial traveler tries Egypt for the first time — Ismailia a French settlement.

By rail through the Land of Goshen — Tel-el-Kebir— From Bedouins to Fellaheen — Business show-cards at the Delta railway-stations — Factory chimneys by the Nile — The British garrison at Alexandria — A tradition of the Gloucestershire Regiment — No outward symbols of the Occupation

Certain of the " people who are here to keep order " — A British sergeant's view — At the site of Cleopatra's palace — Association football — Native sentiment on the Occupation — The fear to declare for the British, in case they should leave — Tactics of the French Opposition — A policy of worry, harass, and wear-out, if possible — British pledge

- Recrimination — French grievances — The British business community at a disadvantage — Tenders for Government contracts — British firms bid too high-^The Fellaheen on the Foreigner — An Austrian financier on the Occupation — Probable result of a plebiscite

The " Anglicanization " of Cairo — Rule, and Semi-Rule — Greek money-lenders in the villages-^How they evade the law — ^The Fellaheen buying machinery — Two or three wives on thirty shillings a week — An English industry ruined by the English — Adaptability, and consolation — Under-sold again — ^Alexandria versus Port Said — Official backsheesh

The Egyptian Newspaper Press — Pro-British organs — Organs of the French, Arab, and Turkish Oppositions — ^Journalistic warfare— The program of Hajee Abdullah Browne — Moustafa Kamel's campaign in France— Lord Dufferin's Organic Law— The judicial system— Reforms— Sitting of a Native Tribunal
Interview with the Sheikh Ali Youssef, editor of the Modiad — The leading daily paper of the Arab Opposition — Why the Modiad allies itself with the French party — French action in the matter of the reserve funds — Neither France, nor England, nor the Sultan — A choice between France and England— j-Egypt for the Egyptians

Dr. Nimr, of the Mokattam, on the program of the Modiad — — What *' Egypt for the Egyptians " means — M. Deloncle and Moustafa Kamel: their anti-British pamphlets and lectures — Greater freedom of the Press in Egypt, under the British, than is enjoyed by the French Press in France itself — Egypt envied by Syria — Fellaheen impressions — The Year of the Blessing

Another standpoint — M. Kyriacopoulo on Egypt and the Eastern Question — The natives "recognize the benefits of the Occupation," but "fnar to manifest their sentiments:" again, "not sure that the situation will continue " — A suggestion to the British Government —, Egypt in progress — The mistakes of Gladstonian England —What is neutralization

Egypt a school of languages — The Ottoman Spy system — Lord Cromer — Misgivings on all hands — *' We have promised" — Lord Cromer's aims and impartiality — A parallel with 1796^— Have the fellaheen short memories? — The pUbiscitCt if secret — News for politicians who would "give Syria to France " — The Khedive Abbas IT. — Two judgments on Great Britain

Author: H. F. Wood Publication Date: 1896

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