Confessions of a Medium PDF 1882 ( Diary of Spiritual Medium who swindled his victims )

Confessions of a Medium PDF 1882 ( Diary of Spiritual Medium who swindled his victims ) by Anonymous

Confessions of a Medium PDF

Millions of Dollars got swindled by mediums who sell lies and superstitions for people who want to believe unbelievable things.

Excerpt from the Medium's introduction:

It is with no feelings of exultation or pride that I view the publication of this work. The pictures of fraud and faith revealed in it are not pleasing; the first indicates the depths to which a man may sink; the second that though there are more generous people in the world, of whom the world has little or no conception, it is easy for faith to degenerate to folly. I would infinitely prefer that the power to publish these records had never been given to me. I would rather that every fraud had been a fact, and every display of faith lost in a truthful sight.

I have endeavored, assisted by my diary, to reproduce each scene in the order in which it passed before my eyes, and as faithfully as is consistent with my settled purpose of veiling from an unpleasant curiosity the names and places of abode of those at whose hands I received undisguised courtesy and unvarying hospitality. And this is the only reason why I withhold my name from the title page.

A triple reason exists for the public display of the knowledge I have gained — to give the truth to those who have been the victims of many painful deceptions, to those who are now being deceived, and to those who are in danger of falling into the hands of unscrupulous media. And I trust that my endeavor to reveal the truth may be accepted in the spirit in which it is given.

I have no acrimonious feelings against anyone identified with Spiritualism. Those who abuse the generosity of their followers or clients; those who take advantage of their position, and under the veil of the strictest code of ethics delude and defraud their constituents, deserve the fullest exposure and punishment; but I refrain from assuming the position of judge or castigator because I know from my own bitter experience that a retributive and unswerving hand will eventually deal out to them impartial justice.
If there is any truth in Spiritualism, if there is in it anything worthy of living, it will live; but in my experience of the subject I have never discovered the smallest particle of truth in its professional mediums; and furthermore, my observations force me to believe that the germs of utter ruin are contained within itself, that is, as now practiced.

The very wildest doctrines, if doctrines they can be called, and in some cases, the very loosest morality, are taught and practiced by numbers of its adherents. Stories of the vilest immorality are freely bandied about amongst the adepts; charges of the most degrading character are openly made; and, in short, the many thousands of its honest believers in England are deluded every day of their lives, and for their sakes, as well as for the sake of others, it is high time that someone who knows should fearlessly speak the truth, and try, however feebly, to open their eyes to their true position.

Author: Anonymous Publication Date:1882  

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