American Pocket Medical Dictionary Free PDF book by W. A. Newman Dorland (1943)

American Pocket Medical Dictionary Free PDF book by W. A. Newman Dorland  (1943)

Pronunciation and Definition of all the principal terms used in medicine, surgery, dentistry, Veterinary medicine, nursing, and Kindred sciences; with over 60 extensive tables

American Pocket Medical Dictionary

This small volume is the outcome of a need for a pocket dictionary which, though handy in size, should be so full and complete as to supply the wants of the practicing physician no less than those of the student of medicine. It is not the editor’s intention to attempt to take the place of the larger dictionaries indispensable to a thorough understanding of the language of medicine, but he has striven to develop the possibilities of the pocket lexicon to a degree not heretofore attained.

 The chief aim has been to make the selection of words as complete as possible. To this end, the larger dictionaries have been freely used, and Systematic gleaning has been made through the latest medical literature, so that the vocabulary may bo said to be strictly up to date. Of ^lijoessity the definitions of terms are brief, but the en- deavor lias been to make them clear, adequate, and to the point. The order of arrangement of matter is strictly alphabetical.

American Pocket Medical Dictionary
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In cases of a phrase, consisting of a noun and qualifying adjective, the definition will usually be found under the noun, under which all the phrases containing that noun have been grouped. Be.sides the ordinary dictionary words it has seemed desirable to insert a considerable amount of matter in tabular form. This matter, it is believed, will prove of value to students for memorizing in preparing for examinations, besides serving to group correlated facts in a convenient form for a quick consultation.

Author: W. A. Newman Dorland 
 Publication Date:1943

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