13 days, the chronicle of an escape from a German prison PDF book ( real escape story)

13 days, the chronicle of an escape from a German prison Free PDF book (1918) by John Alan Lyde Caunter

Excerpt from the author's introduction

On placing before the public this account of my escape from Germany and some episodes from my life in two prison camps, I feel that I must make clear that it was only due to the fact that I had two definite supplementary objects to attain, that I succeeded in making myself launch out in the following pages.

The first of these objects is to add my quota to the information before the public relating to the treatment and existence of those who, in prisons in Germany, have suffered and are suffering for their country. My second objective is to try to throw a little light on the marvelous spirit of the prisoners as a whole. Think about what it means to be shut up for years under such conditions.

Let me quote the prisoner poet, Lieut. Harvey, who, in Gloucestershire Friends. vividly describes what prison means in the following lines: Laugh, oh laugh loud, all ye who long ago Adventure found in the gallant company! Safe in stagnation; laugh, laugh bitterly, While on this filthiest backwater of time's flow, Drift we and rot till something set us free! It is always a fight against this sort of thing that the prisoner of war is waging. Some apparently find such a fight difficult, but the majority do somehow keep a hold on themselves and retain their energy and hopefulness.


I. Crefeld 1 II. The Move to Schwarmstedt - - - 45 III. Schwarmstedt Camp 65 PART II-IV. My Escape from the Camp ... 87 V. Crossing the First Two Rivers - - 108 VI. I Meet Fox and Blank - - - 125 VII. The Crossing of the Weser - - - 134 VIII. The Railway Track - - - - 155 IX. Crossing the River Hunte, and the Town of "Dogs" - - - 164 X. Exit Blank. Sheds 175 XI. Two Days of the Ems - - - 184 XII. The Crossing of the River - 198 XIII. Across the Frontier

Author: John Alan Lyde Caunter
 Publication Date:1919
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