The philosophers and the French revolution 1904 Free PDF book

The philosophers and the French revolution Free PDF book 1904

The philosophers and the French revolution

This small treatise is intended to tackle the question of how far the eighteenth-century writers made responsible, directly or indirectly, for the outbreak of the French Revolution, in whatever sense the term French Revolution is understood.

 In our times a halting attitude between two extremes has often been dubbed with the name of historic impartiality; it is just possible the emphatic attitude I have taken up in the following pages may not represent historic impartiality in that sense — may not even represent historic truth in the proper sense of the term. I will be satisfied if the stress I have laid on one side of the case leads to a further discussion of the question, and promotes the aims of history. One thing more, and I will close the preface. It would be ungrateful of me not to recognize the valuable help I have received from Professor J. H. Muirhead throughout the publication of this work, and not to express my deep sense of obligation to him for his kindness.

No doctrine has been so often preached by writers of great weight, and often taught with such great eloquence, as that the Republic established in 1792 and its democratic organization were the direct outcome of the philosophy of jthe^ghteenth century, ''of the works of the literary group which had co-operated towards the publication of the Encyclopedia, and of the doctrines of the. political philosophers who preceded the Revolutionary Era. Ever since Louis XVI., 'encountering the works of Voltaire and Rousseau in the library of the Order of Malta in the Temple, designated them the source of all his misfortunes, the opinion has widely prevailed that everything that happened in the lo The Philosophers and course of the Revolution could be traced directly or indirectly to the writings of the eighteenth century. ,

 Author: Pestonji Ardeshir  Wadia

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