Symbolism, a treatise on the soul of things 1905 Milton Alberto Pottenger Free PDF book

Symbolism, a treatise on the soul of things 1905 Milton Alberto  Pottenger Free PDF book

Symbolism, a treatise on the soul of things

Symbolism, a treatise on the soul of things; how the natural world is but a symbol of the real world. The pack of playing cards, or book of fifty-two, an ancient masonic Bible; each card a symbol of universal law. The United States a masonic nation, whose duty and history are read in these ancient sacred symbols

In presenting "Symbolism" to the world the author feels a sense of satisfaction in having accomplished a long-cherished desire. The information contained herein is not new to a few at least. Because of the prejudice of "the world," fifth those who have been in possession of the light have hesitated to let it shine, knowing the time was not yet. It is expected that authorities will be searched to find the relation of Masonry to Playing Cards, but such authorities as the public will most frequently consult have themselves been misled.

They have been obliged to assign some excuse for the existence of playing cards and not knowing the truth, have attributed their origin to the amusement of a foolish king, etc. One excuse is as good as another, however, when the real truth cannot be revealed, therefore the custodians of the light have permitted all sorts of misinformation to be circulated, knowing the true light would be revealed at the proper time. The truth-teller is still in danger of social ostracism; not in danger as to personal liberty and life, however, as of yesterday.

Humanity claims to have made wonderful progress, yet we read of a Christian nation asking God to assist it, by means of warfare, in its endeavors to annihilate another equally Christian nation. Brother is still arrayed against brother: each still believes in a personal God, subject to bribery and barter. Each still thinks of heaven as a locality, of hell an alleyway leading thereto.

Author: Milton Alberto  Pottenger
Publication Date:1905

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