Studies in Zen (1955) by Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki PDF book

Studies in Zen (1955) by Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki Free PDF book

Studies in Zen (1955) by Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki


Japan was destroyed in the fire which consumed three-quarters of Tokyo in 1945. When, therefore, I reached Japan in 1946.

I arranged with the author for the Buddhist Society, London—my wife and myself as its nominees—“to begin the publication of his Collected Works, reprinting the old favorites, and printing as fast as possible translations of the many new works which the Professor, self-immured in his house at Kyoto, had written during the war.

This undertaking, however, was beyond the powers of the Buddhist Society, and we, therefore, secured the assistance of Rider & Clo., who, backed by the vast resources of the House of Hutchinson, can honor the needs of such a considerable task. Of Zen itself,

 I need say nothing here, but the increas¬ ing sale of books on the subject, such as Tin S rni of by Alan Watts (Murray), my own Z^n Buddhtm (Heine- Mann), and the series of original translations of Chinese Zen Scriptures and other works published by the Buddhist Society, prove that the interest of the West is rising rapidly.

Zen, however, is a subject extremely easy to Diisimdcrsund, and it is therefore important that the words of a recognized expert should come readily to hand. The present volume consists of seven articles and lectures which might otherwise be lost to futurity in the archives of the periodicals in which they find appeared.

They cover forty-seven year of time (1906-1953), and much of the world in space. They have been selected, revised and arranged in order under the direction of Dr. Suauki, and the Editor claims no credit for the volume save the suggestion that such magnificent material should be made available to this widest possible public. 1 am very grateful to the Editors of the periodicals concerned for permission to reprint, and to all those members of the Buddhist Society who have helped in the wearisome task cf retyping. The following notes may be of interest to the students of each article.

Author: Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki
 Publication Date: 1955

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