Practical Mental Magic by Theodore Annemann (1983) Free PDF book with Illustrations

Practical Mental Magic by Theodore Annemann (1983) Free PDF book

Practical Mental Magic by Theodore Annemann

Excerpt from the author's introduction:

In offering this book of practical mental effects to the magical fraternity, we are paying tribute to the one man who probably did more to popularize this branch of entertainment than any other.

To Ted Annemann, then, we bow in grateful appreciation for the many brilliant creations he left as his legacy to the world of magic. Each of the effects to follow was either performed by him or were products of his editorship, for he attracted to his Jinx Magazine contributions from all the leading performers in recent years. In him, they found a kindred soul, a man whose entire life was devoted to giving the audience what it wanted . . . Entertainment! We quote him: "My ideas and conceptions differ a great deal from those of some with whom I am acquainted.

It is my theory that any effect to be successful must first be founded upon a simple method, and then be performed with a direct, to-the-point presentation. It is my contention that the moment one deviates from this straight line, he is not doing what a genuine magician or mind reader would do." The popularity of his magazine bore out the truth of his convictions. In that bible for mentalists and magicians live effects that will be performed for many years to come.

 we have taken a fair share of these remarkable effects, edited them, arranged them for ready reference in separate chapters, and offer them to you for your pleasure. You will find considerable overlapping in the various categories, but that is the nature of mental tricks. Not all the card tricks are in the card section, nor all the slate or envelope tricks in their respective chapters.

Likewise, you will find book tests under various headings. We have endeavored, however, to segregate the effects using the dominant feature of the trick as our yardstick. Tricks of every type are included . . . those requiring a serious presentation or a humorous one; some arc weird, such as "Voodoo," others spooky, such as "Sefalaljia," but all arc solid entertainment and. as the title implies, practical.

Author: Theodore Annemann 
Publication Date:1983

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