PDF book: A history of Greece from the earliest times to the death of Alexander the Great (1905)

Download PDF book: A history of Greece from the earliest times to the death of Alexander the Great (1905)  by Charles Oman

A history of Greece pdf book
  A history of Greece

Introduction by Charles Oman
From time to time I have found it necessary to rewrite portions of this book, in order to keep it abreast of modern discoveries. In the second edition some sixty pages had to be more or less recast, and this year I have thought it well to reconstruct the whole of Chapter II., which deals with the origins of the Greek nationality. Archaeological evidence on the prehistoric days of the Aegean lands has been accumulating so fast of late, that the whole section required revision. The excavations of Mr. A. J. Evans in Crete were enough by themselves to cause the introduction of several new paragraphs. I owe to his courtesy, and that of the Society for Hellenic Studies, the permission to insert three drawings, giving specimens of the archaic Cretan inscriptions which have formed not the least important part of his wonderful finds at Cnossus, I have also made appreciable changes in my narratives of some of the battles of the fifth century B.C., mainly in consequence of reading the very interesting monographs of Mr. Grundy, to whom I must express my gratitude. It will be noted that in this new edition I have inserted some scores of illustrations. I had at first proposed to use for them the " half-tone " process, but the results,

especially in the case of coins, did not seem satisfactory? On specially prepared paper such reproductions are often pleasing; but when printed on the ordinary paper required for the letterpress of the book, they present a very different aspect — often little better than a blurred caricature of the original. I have, therefore, by the assistance of my publishers, purveyed the wood-blocks and line engravings which illustrate this edition, The results seem to be good, more especially among the coins, which form the larger part of the collection. I am indebted to Mr. John Murray for his kindness in permitting me to use nineteen engravings of coins from Sir William Smith's Dictionaries of Greek and Roman Biography and Geography.

A word of thanks must be given to many correspondents — some known to the author, some strangers to him, — who have written to make suggestions and to point out errors in the previous editions. Most of them will note that their advice has been taken into consideration, and all will understand that it was duly appreciated.

Author: Charles Oman
 Publication Date: 1905

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