Napoleon and the end of the French revolution Free PDF book (1910)

Napoleon and the end of the French revolution Free PDF book (1910)

Napoleon and the end of the French revolution

Author: Warwick, Charles F.
 Publication Date: 1910 

This book is a sequel to my works on Mira- beau, Danton, and Robespierre and their part in the French Revolution. The Revolution made Napoleon. He was its embodiment, its natural sequence; it culminated in him; he stood between its chaos and a Bourbon restoration and through a usurper and a despot he saved the salient principles of that great political upheaval and prevented an immediate and a permanent return to the abuses of the ancient regime. He brought order out of chaos, organized the government upon a stable basis, reestablished the church, fostered a spirit of religious toleration, and compiled a Code which secured equality before the law.

His ambition carried France to a transcendent glory and at last left her humiliated, exhausted, and stripped of her conquests; but he had given to her people a better form of government and a more beneficent rule than they had ever enjoyed and this made it impossible for his successors to restore the offensive features of the Bourbon monarchy. " The Revolution is planted," he declared, " on the principles from which it proceeded. It is ended' The^gpvernment did not emanate from dignity of the people, but was created and bestowed upon them by an autocrat;

it was not liberty in its broad sense, but in the reaction that followed the Revolution when society was escaping from the violence of that great upheaval and was likely to run to extremes in the opposite direction, Napoleon held in check the mob on one hand and kept the Bourbons at bay on the other. The illustrations are from the very valuable collection of engravings and etchings belonging to Mr. William J. Latta, of Philadelphia. Many of them are original sketches made by artists contemporary with Napoleon and have never before been published. I take this occasion to thank him for his kindness in allowing me access to his portfolios and aiding me in making the selections.

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