Islam in China : a neglected problem : with illustrations, monumental rubbings, maps, etc Free PDF book

Islam in China: a neglected problem: with illustrations, monumental rubbings, maps, etc (1910) Free PDF book

Islam in China

Important Historical book about Muslims in China written by a missionary Broomhall Marshall  


This volume marks a distinct step in the progress of missionary investigation in China and is the first book of its character in the English language. It is both historical and descriptive of present-day conditions and is based on thorough investigations and scientific criticism of sources.

 Begun in connection with the work of Commission I. of the Edinburgh World Missionary Conference, it might be called one of the first by-products of a gathering which will doubtless result in other important contributions to the literature and science of Missions.

The author has had special opportunities for prosecuting his investigations: first as a missionary to the Chinese; later as a student of his subject in closest touch with the libraries of the World's Metropolis; and lastly through an extensive correspondence with friends and^-acquaintances scattered throughout the Chinese Empire. The large numbers of prominent missionary correspondents and others in China who are in daily contact with the Moslems of that Empire have afforded him invaluable material, thus enabling him to produce a book which is more helpful to the cause of Missions than any of the earlier works of French, German, and Russian writers; and although not so exhaustive as one of the French works, more accurate in its conclusions.

 Mr. Broomhall has set before the Christian world the present-day aspect of a great and largely unknown subject. The accessible Moslem population of China is larger than the Moslem population of Egypt, Persia, or Arabia; and yet practically nothing has been done for them, and their presence has been almost ignored by the missionary movement. In this book,
he has given the public a very comprehensive and readable account in which all the essential facts in the problem are luminously set forth. The subject is made to live as it has not been in some of the learned volumes which his predecessors have produced. The critical hour is at hand when Moslem missions in China must be faced, and specialists set to work to win this great neglected class for Christ. There seems little doubt that systematic special effort on behalf of these millions would yield speedy and permanent results — as is the case, for example, among the Mohammedans of Malaysia; but the special nature of the problem calls for specially trained workers, and for special literature. We bid the volume God-speed as a most helpful contribution to one of the greatest missionary problems of the present century.

Contents of the book
PART I.— HISTORICAL China and the Arabs till the close of the Omeyide Caliphate 5 China and the Arabs from the rise of the Abbaside Caliphate ......... 25 Some Early Travellers 39 Some Chinese Mohammedan Traditions . . . . 61 Some Monuments ........ 83 An Arabic Inscription ....... 101 The Mosques and Tombs of Canton 109 The Yunnan Rebellions.123 The Tung and Rebellions . . . . . . .147 The Title "Hui Hui" 167 PART II.— PRESENT-DAY CONDITIONS A Visit to a Chinese Mosque . . . . . .183 The Mohammedan Population 193 Personal and Social Conditions ...... 221 xvii-xviii ISLAM IN CHINA PAGE Religious Conditions 237 Through Turkish Spectacles ...... 257 The Problem of Evangelisation 273 The Present Urgency 291 APPENDICES 1. Chinese Mohammedan Literature ..... 301 2. A Chinese Mohammedan Tract ..... 303 3. Bibliography 307 INDICES 1. Chronological Index ....... 313 2. General Index 317 3. Biographical Index 325 4. Geographical Index 329

Author: Broomhall Marshall 
  Publication Date:1910

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