Human nature, its inner states and outer forms PDF book (1910) by William Walker Atkinson

 Human nature, its inner states, and outer forms

Human nature

 While the general subject of psychology includes the consideration of the inner workings of the mind, the processes of thought, the nature of feeling, and the operation of the will, the special subject of Human Nature are concerned only with the question of character, disposition, temperament, personal attributes, etc., of the individuals, making up the race of man. Psychology is general—Human Nature in particular. Psychology is more or less abstract— Human Nature is concrete. Psychology deals with laws, causes, and principles— Human Nature deals with effects, manifestations, and expressions

Contents of the book:

Inner State and Outer Form - The Inner Phase: Character.-The Outer Form: Personality- The Temperaments-The Mental Quality -. The Egoistic Qualities-The The Motive Qualities - The Vitative Qualities - The Emotive Qualities  -The Applicative Qualities - The Modificative Qualities-The Relative Qualities.- The Perceptive Qualities -. The Reflective QuaKties - The Religio-Moral Qualities. .- Faces -. Chins and Mouths -. Eyes, Ears, and Noses - Miscellaneous Signs 

Author: William Walker Atkinson 
Publication Date:1910

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