How to make our mental pictures come true (1922) PDF book by George Schubel,

How to make our mental pictures come true (1922) PDF book by George. Schubel

The book will teach you how to make your mental pictures come true so you can use it in bringing your wishes and your dreams
How to make our mental pictures come true

Introduction :
Among the imaginative stories of our childhood days, who does not recall the charm which Aladdin and his wonderful lamp? How marvelous were the things which came to pass each time that he rubbed it! How often in our childish imagination did we wish for just such a wonder-lamp which would provide us with all the things which our hearts desire!

 Yet this fancy of childhood is a father to a wonderful scientific fact possible of being demonstrated mentally, and of being universally used to satisfy every requirement of the human heart. We are each one of us a mental wonder-lamp manifesting a form of power more marvelous than ever was the light which shone from Aladdin ^s lamp. What is this form of power of which we speak? For want of something more comprehensive, we call it the visualizing power of the mind. Yet it is more than this. Its action involves a whole series of manifestations.

We observe that it formulates, differentiates, specializes, chemicalizes and projects itself in ns and through us so that by means of it our hearts' desires are formed into thought- images, and then by a further process of differentiation and specialization, they are projected and materialized until they become the visible objects of our outwardly visible world. What do we know about the nature of this form of mental power?

very little. It is barely as yet within the grasp of our comprehension. But we have taken cognizance of its operation and results just as we have of electricity, radio-activity and other forms of power. In what manner does it operate? The question is best answered by observing its inner- conscious, inner conscious and objectively unconscious working in us and thru us. In our lives, we have noted very definitely that certain things which we have strongly desired and held as thought-images in our consciousness, have after a time " come true.'' From the seemingly invisible side of things, they have made their appearance on the outwardly visible side of things. This is not a miracle. It is not a rare phenomenon.

Author: George.Schubel
 Publication Date:1922

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