Common sense in chess 1910 By DR,Emanuel Lasker Free PDF book (with illustrations)

Common sense in chess 1910 By DR. Emanuel  Lasker Free PDF book (with illustrations)

Common sense in chess 1910

Excerpt from the author's introduction:

The following is an abstract of Twelve Lectures given before an audience of London chess players during the spring of 1 895. It may be regarded as an attempt to deal with all parts of a game of chess by the aid of general principles. The principles laid down are deduced from considerations concerning the nature of Chess as a fight between two brains, and their conception is based on simple facts. Their practical working has been illustrated by positions adapted to the purpose, and likely to occur over the board.

It has been my aim to reduce the different rules in number as much as was compatible with clearness. They all, it will be found, have a remote likeness, and it would therefore not have been very difficult to reduce their number still more. Indeed they may ultimately be united in one single leading principle, which is the germ of the theory not only of Chess but of any kind of fight. This principle is sufficiently indicated here, but it is so general in its conception, and the difficulty of expressing the whole compass of its meaning in definite terms so enormous, that I have not ventured to formulate it. In future work, for which the present one shall

pave the way, I hope to be able to illustrate the significance of that principle and its capacity for showing facts in their right relation to one another. For that work, I have also deferred the discussion of some points which require very nice differentiation, such as all questions relating to the maneuvering of the King and the exchange of men.

The games and positions given in this book are comparatively few, but they have been selected with care. I, therefore, would advise the student not to attempt to read it matter only but to study it and sink some work into it. The rules deduced are, I believe, very plausible. This need not deceive the student, who will see their significance in a clearer light if he tries to be reasonably skeptical and exacting in the matter of proofs.
As regards the analytical notes about games or openings, I have tried to be short and to the point. Analytical detail is therefore not abundant, but I think, reliable. The method of enumerating all the variations thought possible, or probable, has been laid aside, and in its place analysis has been given, which makes use of both the consideration of the leading variations and general principles. The diction and style of the work are those of a lecturer. Feeling that I have not been able to make them as perfect as I should have desired, I must ask for the lenient judgment of the reader. I take this opportunity for expressing my hearty thanks to Professor Villin Marmery for his kind assistance in looking over the proofs.

Author: Emanuel  Lasker
 Publication Date: 1910

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