Change your brain by Timothy Leary (2000) Free PDF book

Download Change your brain by Timothy Leary (2000  PDF book

Download Change your brain by Timothy  Leary  PDF book
Change your brain by Timothy Leary  PDF book

Contents of the book:

Introduction 1 1. The Brain-Drug Option 3 2. Scientizing the Internal 8 3. Psychedelic Conference in Copenhagen 13 4. It's All a Game 18 5. We Did Research 24 6. The Creative Experience 27 7. The Creativity Game 33 8. Get Out of Your Mind 39 9. Our Epoch Mythos 43 10. Imprinting 47 11. Hooked on Externals 52 12. Set and Setting 57 13. Communicating Visionary Experiences 60 14. New Language Needed 64 15. Developing Creativity 72 16. Artistic Language Systems 77 17. Three Kinds of Art 81


After Newton's attempt to relate the external-mate- rial and the internal-spiritual, physics and chemistry became mechanistic. German Idealism with Immanuel Kant, British mysticism with William Blake, German Romanticism including Schopenhauer's renovation of oriental passivity, all reacted with revulsion from the scientific and tended to deny the importance, relevance, or even the existence of external movements. Thus, the brilliant significance of Fechner's attempts to apply the rigor of mechanistic and mathematical science to the richness of the subjective-inner-neuro- logical. Since the book, you are now reading and my life is a faithful, dutiful, follow-up to the work and life of Fechner, it may be useful to summarize this philosophic giant's extraordinary career. Current psychological priesthoods ignore the fact that the profession of psychology was originated by Gustav Theodor Fechner, a physicist who recognized that the key to understanding human nature was the relationship between external stimuli and the brain.

Author: Timothy Leary
Publication Date:2000


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