A time of terror: the story of a great revenge PDF novel by Douglas Ford

A time of terror: the story of a great revenge Free Science Fiction PDF novel (1906)

A time of terror

The future revolt of London's poor, unemployed, and criminal elements is legal reform. The near-victory of a secret society, the Leaguers of London, over law and order is thwarted at the height of nationwide violence by the outbreak of war between England and Germany and Russia. England is victorious and a patriotic and religious awakening destroys the power of the League.

I. London in 1910 .... 21 II. At the New Bailey... 29 HI. The Leaguers' First Move ... 36 IV. The Case that Failed ... 46 V. The Leaguers' Second Move. 54 VI. The Murder of Dr. Grady ... 61 VII. Love on the Leas. < 69 VIII. Sir John Breaks Down ... 77 IX. Father Francis at Folkestone. 85 X. Marcus White Returns ... 97 

XI. The Sign of the Spider . . . 105 XII. The " Epoch " Runs Amok. .115 Xin. The Strange Outbreak 'at Queen's^Hall 125 XIV. Billy of Mayfair . . . .132 XV. The Shrine of Luxury and Pride. 142 XVI. The Mania that Laid Hold of London. 152 XVII. The Great Fire in Hyde Park . . 160 XVIII. Aldwych Asks a Question . . . 171 XIX. The Lord Mayor Reads the Riot Act. 178 XX. The Leaguers at the Home Office. 189 XXI. The Devil's Own on the Defensive. 198 XXII. The Bomb Brigade . . . .208 XXIII. The Cranks' Corner . . . .216 XXIV. 

The Lower Critic .... 222 XXV. Marcus White Gives Orders. .231 XXVI. The Capture of the Judges. 239 XXVII. The Black Christmas. .251 XXVIII. In Trafalgar Square. .260 XXIX. Billy's Message . . . .266 XXX. The Fate of Portsmouth Dockyard. 276 XXXI. The Naval Battle off Plymouth. 285 XXXII. Marcus White and the Mob. 296 XXXIII. The Foreign Secretary ... 306 XXXIV. The Eagle in the Lion's Jaws. 314 XXXV. The King and the Kaiser....318 XXXVI. The Brotherhood of Death... 324 XXXVII. The Great Thanksgiving....328 

Author: Douglas Moret Ford
 Publication Date:1906   


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