Worth and wealth 1856 : a collection of maxims, morals for Business PDF ebook

Download Worth and wealth 1856: a collection of maxims, morals for Business PDF ebook

Hunt, Freeman
Hunt, Freeman

The reader of these pages will find in them no formal code of Mercantile rules, no systematic treatise on trade. My aim is to present illustrations rather than theories, examples rather than precepts. 

Yet that there is a true theory of business is as evident as that every art has its science, or, stating the matter more generally and less formally, that there is a good and a bad, a true and a false way of doing everything. That master of the theory of Common Sense, Bacon, has said that " nothing should be put in practice which has not been previously developed in theory." 

Trade is as universal as the race, as ancient as the first barter when two men got what both wanted by giving what neither needed, and each gained, while neither lost. In our day, trade has penetrated and gives the key-note to civilized life, and Commerce, which used to hug the coasts of the Mediterranean, and then crept along the shores of the three eastern continents now ransack the globe, casts the shadows of its masts in the remotest inlets of the Pacific islands and wakens Saxon echoes in the loneliest and dimmest forests of Tasmania.

Book Published: 1856
Author: Freeman Hunt

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