The manual of occultism Free PDF book (1914 ) by Sepharial

Download the manual of occultism 1914 Free PDF eBook 

A manual of occultism 1914 Free PDF eBook by Sepharial

Astrology.--Palmistry.--Thaumaturgic art.--Hypnotism and mesmerism.--The occult arts.--Alchemy

An excerpt from the book's introduction
It is not my intention in these pages to attempt an exposition of the deeper arcana in connection with the various subjects treated of; but rather to place before the lay reader a number of methods by means of which he will be able to demonstrate to his own satisfaction, and that of others, that there is a deep substratum of truth in what is usually called " Occultism," and that the occult arts are sure and definite means of exploring them.

The ancient Hermetic philosophers were well aware of a certain subtle correspondence or analogy existing between the superior and inferior worlds, the world of causation and that of effects. They traced a connection between the noumenal and the phenomenal, between the mind of man and his bodily condition, between the spiritual and the natural. They affirmed all this in a trite axiom: As above, so below. This philosophy extended to concrete observations and became a science which they embodied in the Doctrine of Correspondences. The hieroglyphic writings of the Chinese, Egyptians, and Assyrians are the outcome of this science, portions of which are currently in our own thought and language. Thus when we speak of commerce, the merchant and the market, we are going back to traditional knowledge which associated the " winged messenger " of the gods with the ship in full sail; the word merx (trade) being at the root of the name Mercury, and the symbol the hieroglyph for all that the name imports.

We call the Sun *'he" and the Moon "she," tracing unconsciously a subtle correspondence between the daj^ and the active male function in nature, and between the night and the passive female function. We speak of jovial men and infer their connection with the planet Jupiter; and all our destructive and hurtful ideas are embodied in such words as "to mar," " martial," " murder," etc., linking them to their source in the root mama (to strike), because the destructive element in nature is represented in our system by the planet Mars.

Book Published: 1914

Author: Sepharial
This is Volume 1

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