The Black Novel (1920 )by Edgar Wallace Free PDF Novel

Download The Black  -  Crime Novel 1920 by Edgar Wallace Free PDF ebook

The Black Novel (1920 )by Edgar Wallace Free PDF Novel

Fashionable Londoner James Morlake is a gentleman with many secrets and several particularly valuable skills--like terrorizing bankers across the city. His Moorish servant Mahmet has some secrets to hide as well, particularly when his employer gives him the odd task to perform in the dead of night in dark London

Review by Fiona

"The Man of Morocco" is one of the best novels by Edgar Wallace that I've ever read. He is varied and has several entanglements that do not confuse you. The main character is the young noble Joan, impoverished but proud, and her mysterious neighbor, a rich American. And of course, there is a criminal case, this time even several, theft, extortion, murder, kidnapping and a love story - everything happens.

Review by Kathy

Wallace has wit and creativity. Be warned: some racially derogatory terms are used in a couple of the stories.

Author:  Edgar Wallace
Publication 1920

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