San Francisco 1940 , the bay and its cities Free PDF Guide eBook

San Francisco 1940, the bay and its cities Free PDF Book

San Francisco 1940, the bay and its cities Free PDF Guide eBook

Excerpt from the book's preface:So many books have been written about San Francisco and its neighbor cities around San Francisco Bay that the writing of still another may seem to call for explanation. But for all those who have shared in the compilation and editing of this book research workers, reporters, writers, editors, and supervisors of the Northern California Writers Project in San Francisco and Oakland it needs no apology. 

All throughout the long labor of preparing it, they have realized only too keenly how much remains to be written about a city whose history has been the stuff of legend since its beginning how much remained before it was written and still remains afterward. 

For this book, although we have crowded between its covers uncounted thousands of those facts which go to make up the story of great metropolitan center names and dates, descriptions of places and people, tales and anecdotes and even some myths still leave much of the story untold, as any book must. But the book will have accomplished its purpose if what it leaves unsaid the reader will want to know.

Author: California Writers Project
Publication Date: 1940

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