Omega: the last days of the world Free PDF Novel by Camille Flammarion (with illustrations)

Download Omega: the last days of the world Science Fiction Novel By Camille Flammarion (1894)

Omega: The Last Days of the World is a science fiction novel published in 1894 by Camille Flammarion. On 25th century Earth, a comet made mostly of Carbonic-Oxide could possibly collide with the Earth. It is concerned with the philosophy and political consequences of the end of the world

The text starts in a very scientific way. It is immediately interesting and informative, but for someone less "mathematical" in thought is not immediately enticing. There is a marvelous surprise closer to the end, though. The text becomes extraordinarily poetic, with true Poetry of the Universe and a depth of thought that brings one close to a spontaneous meditation about the invisible that sustains everything visible and the wonder of the infinitude that cannot be contained even by eternity itself. Marvelous.

Review by Maria Carmo

Author: Camille  Flammarion
 Publication Date:1894 

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