Download Selections from Epictetus Free PDF eBook

Download Selections from Epictetus Free PDF ebook

Download Selections from Epictetus Free PDF ebook

An excerpt from the book preface:
This little volume, which contains about one-fifth of the whole of Epictetus, is designed to bring together the most useful and striking passages in a form convenient for ready use. It cannot give all the best in so small compass, but those who miss favorite passages must remember that it is difficult to choose where so much is good, and yet so large a portion must be rejected for want of space. The numbers in parentheses at the beginning of the chapters refer to the numbers of the original chapters. This book is abridged from the translation of Mr. T. W. Higginson, by his kind permission and that of his publishers. I cannot do better than to quote from his own preface. "Epictetus was probably born at Hierapolis in Phrygia, and he lived at Rome in the first century of our era, as the slave of Epaphroditus, a freedman of Nero. Origen preserves an anecdote of Epictetus, that when his master once put his leg in the torture, his philosophic slave. quietly remarked, 'You will break my leg; 1 and, when this presently happened, he added, in the same tone, ' Did I not tell you so? ' He afterward became free, and lived very frugally at Rome, teaching philosophy. Simplicius says that the whole furniture of his house consisted of a bed, a cooking- vessel, and an earthen lamp.

Book Published: 1900

Author: Epictetus

Translator: Higginson, Thomas Wentworth
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