Download The merchant of Venice 1911 By Shakespeare With Illustrations PDF eBook

Download The merchant of Venice 1911 By Shakespeare With Illustrations PDF eBook 

Download The merchant of Venice 1911 By Shakespeare

"The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose." - William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice, Act 1, Scene 3

An excerpt from the editor's introduction:
My edition of The Merchant of Venice was first published in 1870. It was the initial volume of the complete edition of Shakespeare's plays and poems, in forty volumes, which was finished in 1883. As I stated in the original preface, the book was planned and nearly completed more than three years earlier, but was laid aside for other work and not taken up again until the summer of 1870.

Meanwhile, the notes had been used with classes in school and out of school and received such revision as was suggested by that experience and by further study of Shakespeare. When I began to prepare the book, Shakespeare was just coming to be studied in secondary schools. Only a few annotated editions of single plays had been published in England, and none, so far as I am aware, in this country.

Helps for the school study of Shakespeare were few and expensive. The Cowden-Clarke Concordatice cost ten or twelve dollars. The first volume of Dr. Furness's " New Variorum " edition {Romeo and Juliet) was published in 1871, but the second {Mac- beth^ the first of the plays commonly read in schools) not until 1873. Critical commentaries on Shakespeare were, as a rule, to be had only in costly English editions. High school libraries were few and small, and public libraries, except in the larger cities, contained but little Shakespearian literature. Few teachers in secondary schools throughout the country were better equipped than I was, some fifteen years earlier, when the only Shakespeare I had was a one-volume edition without notes, and my pupils had to use such editions as they found at home or among their friends.

Author: William Shakespeare

Publication Date: 1911

Editor: Rolfe, W. J

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