In lotus-land Japan 1910 PDF Travel book With illustrations

Download in lotus-land Japan 1910  PDF Travel book With illustrations 
in lotus-land Japan 1910  PDF Travel book

Am excerpt from the Author's introduction

It is with no little trepidation that I have ventured to enlist myself in the large army of those who have written about Japan, and I can only plead the following reasons as an excuse for having done so. When I first went to Japan, my main objective was to photograph the country to my heart's content — for my camera has always been, to me, one of the things which made life most worth living.

 During my travels, however, I took copious notes; and as the fortunes of a wanderer led me several times back again to this beautiful land, these notes became so voluminous that the suggestion of friends, resident in Japan, that I should embody my experiences in a book, written round some of my photographs, was an idea which presented no great difficulty in the way of achievement. Indeed, interesting experiences were so many, during my three years of travel in the country, that the most perplexing problem was what to omit, so as to keep the size of the book within reasonable limits.

 Descriptions of many incidents and places have therefore been ruthlessly expunged in this process of elimination, but in what has been retained will be found some account of the best of everything I have learned about Japan. The beaten tracks, including as they do the most famous points of interest, are naturally the best tracks ; but in the hope of making the book as readable as possible, I have included a few experiences I had far from tourist haunts ; and, to lend variety, have added some that befell me during the late war, together with accounts of the wonderful work of the present-day artist-craftsmen and of the old-time swordsmiths.

Author: Ponting, Herbert George
 Publication Date: 1910


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