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How to understand sculpture (

An excerpt from the author introduction

the title of this book speaks for itself; I have only to add here that it differs from most works of the kind in being the production of an artist endeavoring to explain the technicalities of a beautiful and little understood art; for this reason, it is hoped that it will not be judged from a purely literary standpoint. No attempt has been made to give a complete history of sculpture or a perfect list of artists and their works; the treatise is concerned only with the principles which underlie all art and are the foundations of criticism. 

As I have mentioned in the text, famous authors have written profound and erudite treatises on the same subject, all of which seem to lack that intimate touch that artists only can supply. An example of this is to be found in Lessing's "Laocoon" — a book quite useless to a man seeking to work out his own inspiration, for its sonorous periods and acute syllogisms would have no other effect than to confuse his mind as to the real aims of living art. There is much useful matter in the Lectures of the Academicians, but unfortunately, it is so obscured by old-fashioned verbiage and rhetoric that the reader who would find it, has to dig very deeply indeed. Biographies of artists are always useful and of intense interest to those struggling along the path which their victorious feet have trod.

Some reviews from the famous magazine in 1911 about this book

"The book is,_ without question, the most interesting and informing guide that the modern passion for antique furniture has produced." — Pall Mall Gazette. 

"The information given is precisely what is needed and is particularly well arranged, with a preliminary chapter of practical advice." — Westminster Gazette.
Book Published: 1911

Author: Margaret Thomas

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