Download Ebook The light of Buddha Free PDF Ebook

Download The light of Buddha Free PDF Ebook

Download The light of Buddha Free PDF Ebook

An excerpt from the book preface: " one of the greatest religions of the world. During the three thousand years of its existence, it has been the means of converting innumerable multitudes throughout the Bast, and in addition to the widely spread religious influence that it has exercised has penetrated into the very depths of philosophical speculation. Whatever there is in Buddhism is all due to the teachings of Sakya-Muni, our Lord. According to the tradition prevalent amongst us, the great Sage was born on the 8th. of April 1027 B. C, in the garden of Lumhinl, in Kapilavastu, a kingdom of Northern India, his parents being Buddhodana, the King of that country, and his Queen Maya. When he was nineteen years old he left his palace in order to study the perfect way; when thirty, he awoke to perfect Enlightenment, and, after fifty years of preaching his doctrines, he died at an advanced age.

Content of the book: Preface'. Introduction 1 Chapter I. Principles of Buddhism 9 Section i. Karmic Causality 9 Section ii. Transmigration, 14 Section iii. Non-existence 20 Section iv. Positive and Negative, Phenomena and Noumena 23 Chapter II. Buddha 29 Chapter III. Religious Practice 33 Section i. The Doctrine and its Practice 33 Section ii. Faith and the New Life 37

Book Published: 1903

Author : Kuroda, S


Download PDF Ebook

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