A calendar of dinners, with 615 recipes Free Book (1922) for Beginners

A calendar of dinners, with 615 recipes Free Book (1922) for Beginners

A calendar of dinners, with 615 recipes Free Book

Cooking methods have undergone a marked change during the past few years. The nation's food is becoming more and more wholesome as a result of different discoveries, new sources of supply, and the intelligent weighing of values.

 Domestic Science is better understood and more appreciated. People of the present century are fairer to their stomachs, realizing that their health largely depends upon this faithful and long-suffering servant. Digestion and disposition sound much the same, but a good disposition often is wrecked by poor digestion. America has been termed a country of dyspeptics. It is being changed to a land of healthy eaters, consequently happier individuals.

Every agent responsible for this national digestive improvement must be gratefully recognized. It seems strange to many that there can be anything better than butter for cooking, or of greater utility than larc^ and the advent of Crisco has been a shock to the older generation, born in an ageless progressive than our own, and prone to contend that the old fashioned things are good enough. But these good folk, when convinced, are the greatest enthusiasts.

 Grandmother was glad to give up the fatiguing spinning wheel. So the modern woman is glad to stop cooking with expensive butter, animal lard, and their inadequate substitutes. And so, the nation's cookbook has been hauled out and is being revised. Upon thousands of pages, the words "lard" and "butter" have been crossed out and the word "Crisco" written in their place.


 Introduction 8 The Story of Crisco- 9-21 Things To Remember 22 Hints To Young Cooks 24 How To Choose Foods 25-30 Methods of Cooking 31- 38 Time Table for Cooking 39- 41 The Art of Carving 42-44 Soups 46-50 Fish 51-57 Meats 58-65 Vegetables 66- 72 Salads 73-76 Puddings 77-84 Sandwiches 85- 87 Pastries 88-95 Breads '. . 96-114 Cakes 115-132 Vegetarian Dishes 133-138 Eggs 139-142 Candies 143-147 Calendar of Dinners 149-231

Author: Neil, Marion Harris
Publication Date: 1922

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